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Collapse Experiences

The City of Detroit, Michigan, filed for bankruptcy yesterday. Once the most affluent city in the USA with almost 2 million prosperous citizens, Detroit embarked on a 50-year campaign of self-destructive spending that brought it to rot and ruin.

To see the real effects of Progressive Democrat policy, take a few minutes to view the slide show entitled "The Modern Ruins of Abandoned Detroit".

Detroit is not an isolated case. Many US cities are financially, socially and morally bankrupt. It is just a matter of time until the Detroit rot spreads to engulf the entire nation unless Americans wake up, become responsible and demand official accountability. There is no free lunch. Fantasy can only defy reality for a short period of time.

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Every economic collapse is different from the historic, big-picture perspective but the effects on the average citizen are remarkably similar. Citizens find their savings are gone or inflated into worthlessness while the basic necessities of life become difficult or impossible to obtain. More people than anyone wants to admit simply died or were killed in the violence that came with desperation.

The experiences of the survivors may be useful to US citizens who want to prepare for political, social and economic instability at home. The US is not immune to such man-made tragedies - they are the natural result of irresponsible national behavior.

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Fernando Aguirre was a 31-year old father of two living in Buenos Aires when he started writing about the 2001 socio-economic collapse of Argentina. His first writing appeared on various internet forums under the pseudonym "FerFAL". Those essays were consolidated into the "Surviving in Argentina" blog which was phased out in 2011 when he moved publication to his current website "The Modern Survivalist".

Well educated and fluent in English as well as his native Spanish, Mr. Aguirre attracted a global audience of people concerned about economic and social conditions in their own country. His book "The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse" is a first-hand account of the economic collapse and the social collapse the followed in short order. In it, he recounts his experiences trying to protect and provide for his family and offers practical suggestions for survival. The following essay contains information and experiences not included in his book.

Thoughts on Urban Survival by Fernando "FerFAL" Aguirre

My brother visited Argentina a few weeks ago. He’s been living in Spain for a few years now. Within the first week, he got sick, some kind of strong flu, even though climate isn’t that cold and he took care of himself. Without a doubt he got sick because there are lots of new viruses in my country that can’t be found in 1st world countries. The misery and famine lead us to a situation where, even though you have food, shelter and health care, most of others don’t, and therefore they get sick and spread the diseases all over the region.

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Here is how things developed after Chile embarked on a radical change to a centrally controlled economy under the direction of a government unfettered by constitutional limits. There is growing concern that it could happen in the USA, so maybe a few words from someone who knows will help.

Gonzalo Lira wrote two articles about Hyper-inflation. In the first article (How Hyperinflation Will Happen), he defined Hyperinflation as:

Hyperinflation is the loss of faith in the currency. Prices rise in a hyperinflationary environment just like in an inflationary environment, but they rise not because people want more money for their labor or for commodities, but because people are trying to get out of the currency. It’s not that they want more money—they want less of the currency: So they will pay anything for a good which is not the currency.

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