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Here is a county-by-county map with the counties Obama carried in blue and those Romney carried in red:

2012 Election by County

2012 Presidential Election Results by County

Source - Mark Newman, Department of Physics and Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Michigan

Here is the same map showing a mixture of Red and Blue to indicate the percentage of votes for each candidate in each county.

2012 Presidential Election Map (Shaded by percent)

2012 Presidential Election Map (Shaded by percent)

Source - Mark Newman, Department of Physics and Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Michigan

Here is a similar map that adds a third dimension to show the population of each county:

2012 Presidential Election Results showing County and Population

2012 Presidential Election Results showing County and Population

Source - Robert J. Vanderbei, Professor, Operations Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton Univ.


By Felipe Franco - an American homeschooling father and frequent business traveler to Latin America. (Reprinted from

After decades of traveling throughout Latin America and years living there, I have developed a painful twinge every time I return to the U.S. and realize the loss of freedoms and rude behavior that is in store for me. It all comes flooding into my brain. What’s the rule on shoes and searches at the airport? What will the cops do if my 7-year-old son is not in a government-approved booster seat in the rental car? What if a family member needs antibiotics or stitches? What are the things that will cause US residents to call the cops on me? What are the rules on car and health insurance that will get me in trouble? What kind of ticket will I get if I forget to turn on the headlights when there is a drizzle? Can the children stick their heads out of a sunroof or ride in the back of a pickup? No. Daddy might be arrested. Why? The cops are different here. The kids don’t understand the oppressive environment. They don’t understand the government worship and the angry woman screaming at Dad while he putts around on a motorcycle, "Where’s your helmet!" Why do people want to control their neighbor’s lives via the state in this country? We don’t get it.

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Windmill Project SignThese pictures were taken on the Silver Star Wind Project near Dublin, Texas. Dublin is located in Erath County southwest of Ft. Worth. When complete, the Silver Star Wind Project will have about 45 windmills with a peak capacity of about 65 megawatts.

The turbines will be 1.5 megawatt units manufactured by General Electric. They produce the rated output in winds from 27 to 56 mph. At lower wind speeds, they produce less electricity. A sustained 27 mph wind is uncommon in most locations, particularly at night. As a result few, if any, wind power projects actually produce at anything close to rated capacity continuously.

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This article was originally copied (with permission) from Tim Lambert's blog "Right in Texas". That blog was discontinued with selected articles archived at the Texas Home School Coalition website.

A Home School History Lesson

Tim Lambert

President of the Texas Home School Coalition

Home education continues to grow by leaps and bounds not only in Texas, but also all over the country. Many estimate that the number of home schooling families is increasing by 15 percent per year. Nationally, some put the number of home educators at around one million. In Texas, there are between 75,000 and 100,000 families home educating. As more and more people make the ultimate choice in education, the advocates for this educational alternative multiply. As we become aware of the background of this movement from a national and state perspective, we are better able to defend this precious freedom. Some say that if we do not learn from our history we are doomed to repeat it.

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*An American does not have to speak with a government agent unless the citizen has been arrested, even then there is the Right to have your counsel of choice present
.*American Citizens have a right to privacy in their life, property and papers.
*The PRIVACY ACT OF 1974 (Public Law 93-579), empowers Citizens to require full, written disclosure from any government official who seeks information from them.
*You may insist on complete disclosure as a precondition to speaking with any government official.

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