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When governments behave irresponsibly, they either reform or collapse. Reform is the solution. Collapse is the problem. It is the default outcome in the absence of reform.

What happens when governments collapse? The usual outcome is the productive citizenry is crushed into desperation and poverty while a few powerful elites gain complete control of the nation's wealth. If you think this is a laughing matter, read the articles in the "Collapse Experiences" category. It spells misery and desperation for 99% of the population.

Every economic collapse is different from the historic, big-picture perspective but the effects on the average citizen are remarkably similar. Citizens find their savings are gone or inflated into worthlessness while the basic necessities of life become difficult or impossible to obtain. More people than anyone wants to admit simply die or are killed in the violence that comes with desperation.

The experiences of the survivors may be useful to US citizens who want to prepare for political, social and economic instability at home. The US is not immune to such man-made tragedies - they are the natural result of irresponsible national behavior.

It is not easy to find personal, first hand accounts of how the average citizen fared during economic collapse because most average citizens were scrambling to survive. They did not keep records and take pictures. As a result, most accounts are filtered through government and academic channels that have a vested interest in distorting the picture to shift blame. Most personal accounts are written after the fact and from a secure position. Memory probably sugar coats it a little, particularly in regard to how many people did not survive. None the less, they contain truths that are useful and similarities that are striking.

If the USA fails to reform itself, every American will be affected. Economic collapse is not a spectator sport. There are no sidelines.

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