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McCulloch County, Texas

Taxpayers for Sensible Government (TPSG), a local Political Action Committed (PAC), met Tuesday, August 12, to hear reports on four specific issues currently affecting the people of McCulloch County, Texas. About 120 people attended the meeting at the Heart of Texas Event Center.

Surprisingly, most of those attending represent various factions of the Medical Care industry in McCulloch County. The McCulloch County Hospital District Board of Directors attended as a group after posting official 72-hour notice they would do so. In addition, the HOT Healthcare Systems CEO, at least two local doctors and most of the local Emergency Medical Services personnel not on duty were present. This unexpected interest in TPSG by local healthcare personnel was seen as a very positive development for TPSG's goal of promoting community unity and local government transparency.

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Texas Comptroller Susan Combs wrote an article for the Online Wall Street Journal in which she said:

Recently I spent several months holding about 40 town-hall meetings with Texans across our state. Each time, I asked the attendees if they could tell me how much debt their local governments are carrying. Not a single person in a single town had this information.

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Most will agree that the geographic center of Texas is in McCulloch County. Exactly where is open to question.

Texas Geography from Netstate provides some explanation and references that help clarify the issue. They describe the Geographic Center of Texas as:

The geographic center of Texas is located in McCulloch County, 15 miles NE of Brady.
Longitude: 99° 27.5'W
Latitude: 31° 14.6'N

That sounds definitive until you look at that Latitude/Longitude on a map and find that it is not 15 miles Northeast of Brady.

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