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The Brady City Council must complete and approve the new 2013-2014 city budget before the current fiscal year ends on Sept 30, 2013. The time for citizens to offer suggestion to their council members is during July, before the final details begin to take shape and become difficult to change.

Waiting until the budget work is done and then complaining about it is irresponsible. There will be several public hearings for public comment and suggestions. Responsible citizens will need to know something about the budget to make intelligent and useful suggestions. For those with the time to review the documents, the current and previous budgets are available by clicking the following links:

Everyone should at least page through these budgets just to get some idea of how much work goes into preparing them. It is a big job, fraught with mind numbing detail and many conflicting interests to resolve.

For those without the time or inclination to take a look at the actual Brady City Budget, here is a summary of where the money goes:

Item   2012   2013
Salaries- Benefits    $4,913,964    $5,047,631
Contractual Services   6,670,878    6,531,963
Supplies, Repairs & Expenses    3,674,422    3,274,625
Capital Outlay    3,787,787   8,163,187
Debt Service    1,022,933    822,467
Total   $20,069,984   $23,839,873

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