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Up to the minute statistics you can use, founded in October 2011, achieved its initial goals of illuminating the problems facing the City of Brady and generating community support for change.

Primary credit for BBN's accomplishments must go to Bill Neslage, who devoted countless hours and many hard-earned dollars to make it happen, and a core of dedicated volunteers who never flagged in their belief that Brady can indeed do better than it has in the past. Their efforts led to numerous personnel and policy changes that laid the foundation for future improvement. Building on that foundation will require a shift in focus and broad community support.

In keeping with that shift in focus, decided to evolve into a more complete community-focused online publication. The joining of Better Brady Now with Sense and Nonsense changes both websites. BBN  expands its view of the world while S&N gains practical focus on local events and issues. The whole should be greater than the parts when all is said and done.

The transition has been slower and more difficult than anticipated. The new website here is still under construction with new features and decorations added daily. Some will be readily apparent to visitors while others will be in improved security and more efficient delivery.

Sense and Nonsense Is dedicated to providing the information, ideas and interaction necessary to build a community of people who can be trusted and who trust each other.