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To set and achieve goals, it is necessary to have a definite starting point that is measurable and some way to measure progress toward those goals. The "Document Center" set up by the City Council and City Manager makes factual information much easier to acquire. When facts are readily available, rumor cannot rule.

Facts are sometimes difficult to acknowledge. Fantasy makes people feel better but impedes progress. The point in presenting this material is not to criticize, but to lay the groundwork for improvement.

Over a year and half ago we published an article entitled "Brady Reality - Community Assessment" using data we believed to be reliable from CLResearch. How does it compare with the more recent Brady Demographics and Income Report from LCRA prepared for the Brady City Council by Mike Tolleson?

Sadly, the two reports show essentially the same thing - Brady is losing population, under-educated and low income compared to the rest of Texas and the nation. Highlights:

  • Brady's current population is 5,480 compared to 5,999 in the 1990 census.
  • 31.9% of the people in Brady did not complete High School compared to 14.8% nationally.
  • In Brady, 8.9% have a Bachelors degree from college compared to 17.7% in the USA.
  • Current Median Household income in Brady is $28,109 compared to $54,442 for all households in the USA.
  • Current Average Household income in Brady is $35,766 compared to $70,173 nationally.
  • Of the 2,726 Housing Units in Brady, 20% are vacant.

Everything local officials do should be evaluated in light of these sobering facts. We cannot afford high public debt loads or luxury public facilities and services.

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