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About sixty Brady citizens who want open, honest, competent local government met at the Heart of Texas Event Center on Tuesday, October 16. The meeting was hosted by retired businessman Bill Neslage. The informal group has voiced strong opposition to irresponsible spending and disregard for citizen needs for over a year.

Some elected officials have responded favorably to increased citizen participation. However,  the Brady City Council has gone the other direction, engaging in defiant, reckless behavior just to show they can borrow and spend as they please without regard for the people, the law or common sense. They apparently do not care if it bankrupts and destroys the city itself so long as they can indulge their own personal childish whims now.

Faced with City government run amok and completely deaf to logical argument, this informal group needs a plan, leadership and organization. This brings us squarely to the subject of local politics.

The current fad is to express disdain and hatred for all politics and politicians. Anyone who acts in any way to affect policy is a politician engaging in politics. In a broad sense, politics is the foundation of all human social interaction - it governs in the home, school, business, community, church, government and everywhere else humans work together for common cause. Everyone is a politician at one level or another.

For principled people to withdraw from active politics is to leave government in the control of those who have no principles. Vilifying politics and politicians is one way to drive principled people out of politics, leaving the field to the unprincipled. Don't fall for that lie. If you know what is right and stand for it proudly, you do your share to make politics honorable, as it should be. Keep the faith. You are not alone.

The City of Brady has a political problem that will require a political solution. Toward that end, Tuesday's citizen meeting was to find local leaders and put together the organization that can affect City policy. The groundwork has been laid to form a Political Action Committee (PAC) that can legally raise and spend money.

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