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About sixty McCulloch County citizens met at the Heart of Texas Event Center on Thursday, December 13, 2012, to create a Political Action Committee (PAC) to promote sensible government in McCulloch County and the City of Brady. After being ignored by the Brady City Council as individuals, these citizens organized into seven committees under the Taxpayers for Sensible Government (TSPG) Coordinating Committee.

Pat Davis and Stephanie Wiesen volunteered to be TPSG Treasurers. They will be responsible for accounting and reporting TPSG donations and expenditures. Treasury Committee membership includes Lynda J. Wagner, Ida Medrano, Jesse Torrez, Helen Motz and Mary Gutierrez.

Janet Guthrie and Mary Ann Chase are on the TPSG Economic Development (EDC) committee.

Paulette Savage, Abbie Lee and Mary Gutierrez volunteered for the TPSG committee on City Spending.

Gary Ray will lead the TPSG Recall, Initiative and Referendum committee composed of Donald Lee, Paulette Savage, Larry Mann, Ronnie Bloomstrom and Jo Kelly Rutherford.

Jim R. Wright volunteered to head the TPSG Candidates Committee composed of Jeannie Logan, Abe Rodriguez, Dub Smith and Deborah Linnard.

Gary Sutton leads the TPSG County Issues committee composed of Bill Lopez, Mike Rice, Thomas Flanagin, Kay Morris and Calvin Bingham.

Larry Mann heads the TPSG committee on City Charter, Comprehensive Plan and Ordinances. Serving with him are Paulette Savage, Ronnie Blomstrom and K.J. Hallmark.

A TPSG Membership committee headed by Anita Ellison was also set up.

Bill Neslage, Jon Chase, K.J. Hallmark, Bruce Logan and Latricia Doyal are on the TPSG Coordinating Committee.

Until these committees meet, become functional and begin to provide their own contact information, inquiries about TPSG should be sent via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . In a small town like Brady, chances are you know one or more of the committee members personally.

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