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SpiralThe only way an American can avoid political discussions in 2016 is to be in a coma. If you are not in a coma, it is going to be difficult to stay sane - that is, to separate Sense from Nonsense.

I believe in Constitutionally limited government and the rule of law (as opposed to the rule of powerful people). Take that into consideration when you visit Sense & Nonsense.

It is a mistake to think the presidential race is the most important political contest, even though it will dominate the news and discussion. Much more important to every individual are the local races for city council, school board, county judge, sheriff and commissioner.

These elected official will determine whether your children are educated and whether you have a safe, pleasant, affordable place to live or not. Who is president will probably not affect your daily life much, but local officials will. Spend your time, effort and money to elect principled people close to home and you will be OK no matter what the president does.

 A good place to start looking at 2016 politics is to review the 2012 Presidential Election Results. Those three simple images reveal a lot about politics in America.

The first revelation is that the The Great Divide in America is between rural and urban citizens. The divide is real because the needs of rural people are quite different from urban people. The same laws, programs and regulations simply cannot be applied successfully to both constituencies. To try to force a "one size fits all" solution on the entire nation will lead to chaos and violence in both rural and urban areas.

The solution is relatively simple, in my opinion: Reduce the scope of federal control and let states and cities do what works best for them where they live.

That  solution brings forth another problem (See The Problem Defined)) even more fundamental. Poor areas (urban and rural) do not have the resources (human or financial) to rise above their poverty. The best and brightest just leave. The worst and dumbest just stay. To send money is to encourage ignorance and sloth while discouraging enlightenment and diligence . That hasn't, doesn't and won't work in the long run. The best we can do is offer opportunity.  Anyone is free to take it or leave it.

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