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A Local and National Issue

SpiralsEither the federal government is limited to the powers enumerated in the Constitution or it is not. If not, then we are no longer governed by the Rule of Law.

When the rule of law fails, we are then governed by the rule of powerful people who ignore contract law, property rights and the dignity of the individual citizen. Those powerful people apply laws selectively to reward their friends and punish their enemies. Selective application of the law is the root of government corruption.

Selective law enforcement can occur at every level of government - from the tiniest school district to towns, cities, counties, and states on up to Washington DC. Corruption destroys the moral authority of government and leads, inevitably, to collapse and chaos.

It is the single most destructive factor in America today. It will destroy the USA as surely as it has destroyed every other nation that has allowed it to exist. Every citizen has a personal responsibility to hold all public officials accountable for enforcing all law equally, all the time, with everybody. That is what the rule the Rule of Law is in practice.

Often that is hard at the personal level. We vote for (are friends with, related to, helped elect, do business with or whatever)) a candidate and feel like they will 'listen and help" when we want something a little special. That is where the corruption begins. It is our personal responsibility to demand all officials treat every citizen the same, no matter what.

It doesn't matter whether it is special treatment for a local tax appraisal, zoning variance, traffic ticket or something national like tax audits of political opponents, special contract provisions, regulatory relief, or bailouts for powerful banks. It is corruption plain and simple. It will destroy our nation and each individual citizen along with it.

Every citizen who values America and the principles that make it great must make certain that every candidate who gets their vote is absolutely dedicated to the Rule of Law applied impartially.

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