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Brandon Smith at recently wrote an excellent article about the "... strange and terrible tragedy when a culture forgets its own history and identity...", likening it to "...a mental disorder of the highest caliber. It is an insanity that leads to terrifying catastrophe."

"We have forgotten the face of our fathers" is how Stephen King put it in his Dark Tower series as the Gunslinger surveyed the wreckage of a once great society.

Both suggest that to forget the past is to doom the future. Without a proud heritage to build upon, each generation must begin anew the long journey from animal savagery to civilization. Yet our public schools ignore and ridicule our American heritage. Children know Thomas Jefferson owned slaves but are completely ignorant of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. That is a deliberate tragedy, if not outright insanity.

To remedy this failure in public education, the old must mentor their young. They must be true fathers, mothers and grandparents who teach by action and word. They cannot delegate teaching to the government and wait for "education reform". For the choices available today, see "Education - Three Choices".

For those who haven't the time or inclination to read Smith's article entitled "Is The Safety of The State Really Worth More Than The Truth?", here are a couple of quotes:

Unique ideas are very rare. The American Republic, as a sociopolitical structure, is such an idea.


The concept of citizen self governance is extremely uncommon in the annals of humanity, namely because there has always been an establishment of elitists within any given epoch that have sought to destroy it.

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