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Guard DogRealistically, Sense & Nonsense cannot guarantee Security or Privacy. We can provide our members with a place to share ideas and opinion free from sales scams, personal abuse and interference from the general public. To promise more would be dishonest.

Security is always a compromise with convenience. On the internet, the most secure course is to never connect to it in any way. The most convenient course would be to use it without any precaution. Striking a balance that maximizes benefits while minimizing risks is difficult and changes as technology changes. We take every reasonable precaution so that hackers will not hijack or destroy your computer via Sense & Nonsense.

Privacy is different from Security. Those invading our privacy are not seeking to harm us directly, they are seeking information about us that may or may not be harmful to us. The difference is like the difference between gossip and robbery.

Suffice it to say that absolutely no electronic communication is private - not financial transactions, not phone calls, not email, not online discussion or anything else. Modern technology is such that every bit of information transmitted can be captured and retained indefinitely. That is just a fact. Be aware of it and act accordingly.

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