This is personal website that has no commercial purpose. That may strike some as strange but there is more to life than commerce. Hopefully, you will find some of that here.

The first and foremost reason for this website is to force me to remain mentally active in retirement. To quit learning is to start dying. Believe me, the ever-changing internet technology provides unlimited learning opportunities.

The second reason for maintaining this website is to provide a global connecting point for my far-flung friends and family. The information age has changed the "neighborhood" from a geographical concept into something very different. I'm not sure just what, but the people I interact with daily don't necessarily live nearby. Many, I have never met in person.

A third reason is to share information and opinion with a wider audience than is possible on the phone or even by email.

Sense and Nonsense Is dedicated to providing the information, ideas and interaction necessary to build a community of people who can be trusted and who trust each other.