Blue EggSense & Nonsense at has been on the internet continuously since 1998. It is divided into four blogs (written primarily by John C. Harper) reflecting different interests.

  • Sense & Nonsense is devoted to maintaining personal focus and peace of mind while actively participating in a fast changing world. The key phrases describing this blog would be "Staying Sane In An Insane world" and "Separating The Important From The Unimportant". It is further divided into several subsections.
  • Investments is devoted to developing the monetary, personal and social skills necessary to prosper in the USA as it exists today. The scope is much broader than just traditional financial investment. It includes investing human and social capital effectively.
  • Technology is devoted to using the revolutionary technological advances that accelerate the pace of communication and, by extension, the pace of personal life. Using cell phones, computers and myriad other devices efficiently is vital, but frustrating because the technology changes so fast.
  • McCulloch County,Texas, is devoted to local affairs where I live. Staying sane, enjoying life and finding peace of mind is largely dependent on being a part of the community where you live. This section is my attempt to do just that. It may not be of any interest to those not living in Central Texas.

Sense and Nonsense Is dedicated to providing the information, ideas and interaction necessary to build a community of people who can be trusted and who trust each other.