The City of Detroit, Michigan, filed for bankruptcy yesterday. Once the most affluent city in the USA with almost 2 million prosperous citizens, Detroit embarked on a 50-year campaign of self-destructive spending that brought it to rot and ruin.

To see the real effects of Progressive Democrat policy, take a few minutes to view the slide show entitled "The Modern Ruins of Abandoned Detroit".

Detroit is not an isolated case. Many US cities are financially, socially and morally bankrupt. It is just a matter of time until the Detroit rot spreads to engulf the entire nation unless Americans wake up, become responsible and demand official accountability. There is no free lunch. Fantasy can only defy reality for a short period of time.

Those Americans who think it can't happen here are wrong. It can and is happening here. Stating that fact is not meant to promote doom and gloom or a sense of hopelessness.

Individual citizens across the nation cannot fix Detroit or Washington DC. They can take care of themselves, their families, their neighbors and local communities.

The problems in McCulloch County and the town of Brady are not materially different from those that led up to the rot and bankruptcy of Detroit. The solution is for individual citizens to accept personal responsibility and support principled people within their own sphere of influence.

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