by jch

The Greek Report is different from the accounts of economic collapse in Chile and Russia published here in that it will be a real-time report instead of one filtered by time and hindsight. In some ways, it will be similar to Fernando Aguirre's writing from Argentina except that Argentina is a decade past economic collapse while Greece is just now experiencing it.

I present it here because the USA is not far behind Greece in racing toward political, social and economic collapse. Maybe US citizens can see how agonizing it would be for the USA to follow Chile, Russia, Argentina and Greece down the path of debt and failure. It probably won't change the path of history because events are spiraling out of control and have life of their own. But maybe it will help a few Americans prepare for a future that is very different from the recent past.

The Greek Reporter prefers to remain anonymous for now but he is an average middle class, well-informed and educated Greek citizen. Since the Greek Reporter is writing in real-time without the benefits of hindsight, these reports may lack organization and flowing storyline a reader expects in a book. It will be more like reading a weekly magazine where the focus shifts and fades as time moves on.

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