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Greek Report 2 - Unemployment

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If one thing can break a man, it is unemployment. Unemployment not only deprives him of funds to support himself, but alienates him, at least partly, from social life. Now unemployment is not a new thing for the Greek –or for the matter of fact for any country- but during a financial crisis it is one of the first things to affect the average citizen and should be taken care of.

The Specifics of The Situation in Greece.

A few days ago new data on unemployment was published. Unemployment rates climbed at a rate of 4% per year, reaching the 16% mark. We are still in the peak of the tourist season, ergo more jobs lost in September. Furthermore, the word is that these are not the actual percentages, since people that work odd and part-time jobs are included in the working numbers.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 August 2011 14:33

Greek Report 1 - Background

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The Greek Report is different from the accounts of economic collapse in Chile and Russia published here in that it will be a real-time report instead of one filtered by time and hindsight. In some ways, it will be similar to Fernando Aguirre's writing from Argentina except that Argentina is a decade past economic collapse while Greece is just now experiencing it.

I present it here because the USA is not far behind Greece in racing toward political, social and economic collapse. Maybe US citizens can see how agonizing it would be for the USA to follow Chile, Russia, Argentina and Greece down the path of debt and failure. It probably won't change the path of history because events are spiraling out of control and have life of their own. But maybe it will help a few Americans prepare for a future that is very different from the recent past.

The Greek Reporter prefers to remain anonymous for now but he is an average middle class, well-informed and educated Greek citizen. Since the Greek Reporter is writing in real-time without the benefits of hindsight, these reports may lack organization and flowing storyline a reader expects in a book. It will be more like reading a weekly magazine where the focus shifts and fades as time moves on.

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 September 2011 09:56

USSR Collapse - Russia in the 1990s

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Every economic collapse is different from the historic, big-picture perspective but the effects on the average citizen are remarkably similar. Citizens find their savings are gone or inflated into worthlessness while the basic necessities of life become difficult or impossible to obtain. More people than anyone wants to admit simply died or were killed in the violence that came with desperation.

The experiences of the survivors may be useful to US citizens who want to prepare for political, social and economic instability at home. The US is not immune to such man-made tragedies - they are the natural result of irresponsible national behavior.

It is not easy to find personal, first hand accounts of how the average citizen fared during economic collapse because most average citizens were scrambling to survive. They did not keep records and take pictures. As a result, most accounts are filtered through government and academic channels that have a vested interest in distorting the picture to shift blame. Most personal accounts are written after the fact and from a secure position.  Memory probably sugar coats it a little, particularly in regard to how many people did not survive. None the less, they contain truths that are useful and similarities that are striking.

The USSR collapsed in 1991and defaulted economically in 1992. Their problems at that time were similar to those faced by the USA today in some ways and completely different in others. The following account of personal experience during the Russian collapse 20 years ago came from  Signs of the Times website. It is presented here with their explicit permission. I do not know the actual name of the original author but will be happy to give credit if it comes to my attention.

Last Updated on Friday, 01 March 2013 19:35

Voice of Experience - Argentina Collapse

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I published parts of this article back in May of last year under the title "Whatcha Gonna Do? - WTSHTF in Argentina". It had been sent to me by a friend via email but I did not know the actual author. Since then, I found that the original article was written back in 2006 and published at Frugal's Forums by someone using the handle "FerFAL".

Further research revealed that FerFAL is Fernando Aguirre, a 31 year old father of two living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His old website, Surviving in Argentina, is being phased out in favor of a new website called The Modern Survivalist. You may be interested in his new book, "The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse".

The following article is republished here with Mr. Aguirre's permission. The original is entitled "Thoughts on Urban Survival" and can be found on the Modern Survivalist website. The material here is in addition to the material in Mr. Aguirre's book. This is a long article so you may want to download it to read at your convenience. The first part was published here previously so if it sounds familiar, you may want to skip down to new material.

If nothing else, go to the end of the article and read about The Saucepans that brought down five presidents without a shot being fired.

Thoughts on Urban Survival by Fernando "FerFAL" Aguirre

SaucpanMy brother visited Argentina a few weeks ago. He’s been living in Spain for a few years now. Within the first week, he got sick, some kind of strong flu, even though climate isn’t that cold and he took care of himself. Without a doubt he got sick because there are lots of new viruses in my country that can’t be found in 1st world countries. The misery and famine lead us to a situation where, even though you have food, shelter and health care, most of others don’t, and therefore they get sick and spread the diseases all over the region.

What got me started on this post is the fact that I actually saw this coming, and posted on the subject here, months before the new viruses spread over the country and the news started talking about this new, health emergency, which proves that talking, thinking and sharing ideas with like minded people (you guys), does help to see things coming and prepare for them with enough time. So I started thinking about several issues, what I learned (either the hard way or thanks to this forum) after all these years of living in a collapsed country that is trying to get out an economical disaster and everything that comes along with it. Though my English is limited, I hope I’m able to transmit the main ideas and concepts, giving you a better image of what you may have to deal with some day, if the economy collapses in your country. Here is what I have so far:


Someone once asked me how did those that live in the country fare. If they were better off than city dwellers. As always there are no simple answers. Wish I could say country good, city bad, but I can’t, because if I have to be completely honest, and I intend to be so, there are some issues that have to be analyzed, especially security. Of course that those that live in the country and have some land and animals were better prepared food-wise. No need to have several acres full of crops. A few fruit trees, some animals, such as chickens, cows and rabbits, and a small orchard was enough to be light years ahead of those in the cities. Chickens, eggs and rabbits would provide the proteins, a cow or two for milk and cheese, some vegetables and fruit plants covered the vegetable diet, and some eggs or a rabbit could be traded for flower to make bread and pasta or sugar and salt.

Last Updated on Friday, 01 March 2013 19:38

Chile - How It Came Down

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Here is how things developed after Chile embarked on a radical change to a centrally controlled economy under the direction of a government unfettered by constitutional limits. There is growing concern that it could happen in the USA so maybe a few words from someone who knows will help.

Hyperinflation, Part II: What It Will Look Like

by Gonzalo Lira - Zero Hedge Contributor

I usually don’t do follow-up pieces to any of my posts. But my recent longish piece, describing how hyperinflation might happen in the United States, clearly struck a nerve.

It was a long, boring, snowy piece of macro-economic policy speculation, discussing Treasury yields, Federal Reserve Board monetary reaction, and the difference between inflation and hyperinflation—but considering the traffic it generated, I might as well been discussing relative breast size in the porn industry. With pictures.

Essentially, I argued that Treasury bonds are the New and Improved Toxic Assets. I argued that, if there was a run on Treasuries, the Federal Reserve—in its anti-deflationary zeal, and its efforts to prop up bond market prices—would over-react, and set off a run on commodities. This, I argued, would trigger hyperinflation.

Last Updated on Friday, 03 September 2010 15:57

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