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City of Brady

A group of Simpson Lake Club residents have been vocal and persistent opponents of the MUDualistic ATV park since it was proposed over a year ago. The proposed park is adjacent to their homes at Brady Lake. Their pleas to the Brady City Council to either not allow the park to be built or to take steps to protect their property values have fallen on deaf ears or met with open hostility.

On June 25, 2012, they filed suit in 198th District Court to stop the project, contending that (among other things) the project violated existing zoning at Brady Lake. On July 24, 2012, Judge M. Rex Emerson dismissed the case on the grounds that jurisdiction lay with the local Zoning Board of Adjustment, not the District Court. The fact that the Brady Zoning Board did not have rules in place to receive the Simpson Lake Club complaint led the Judge to declare that their Zoning Board filing was timely.

In effect, this shifted the matter back to the Brady Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA). The most recent Minutes and Agendas on the City of Brady website indicate that the Brady ZBA last met in May, 2011. There is no readily available public record to indicate the Zoning Board has met or plans to meet, adopted rules or ruled on the Simpson Lake Club appeal. In the absence of a prompt ruling by the ZBA, it appeard the City had decided to delay while the MUDualistic project continued.

Judge Emerson's surprise Amended Ruling on Friday, August 10, will make delay more difficult for Brady City and Zoning officials. In it, the Judge left the dismissal of the ZBA claims intact but changed the outright dismissal to a stay, pending ZBA action. This means the "other things" mentioned above and any appeal that might be forthcoming can be brought before the District Court without initiating a new lawsuit. It also serves notice that Judge Emerson is still watching this case carefully.

Pertinent documents can be viewed or downloaded by clicking the following links:

The Brady City Council is likely to adopt a budget for 2012-2013 that will exceed the 2011-2012 budget by $3.8 million. Beginning July 17, the Brady City Council has conducted three budget workshops to review departmental expenditures; consider anticipated revenue; and set the 2012-2013 budget.

The budget workshops drew almost no public attendance or feedback on the Council’s discussions or decisions. The Council has not heard proposals from all departments but will complete their work at another budget workshop scheduled for July 31 at 5:30 at City Hall. It will be the last opportunity for public comment and input.

The City has touted a 1¢ reduction in the electrical distribution charge. Offsetting this small reduction in electrical distribution charge is a proposed 8% increase in City Property Taxes.

City Manager James Minor commented that the small reduction in electrical distribution charge was, “So the City doesn’t look as evil as it used to".

The 2011-2012 budget was approximately $20 million. The incomplete 2012-2013 budget totals $23.8 million. Much of the increase is for a proposed 5% pay raise for city employees.

Poor attendance at these meetings sends a powerful message to the Council members that it is OK for them to spend more and more money from merchants’ and residents’ pockets.

A number of citizens who live at Simpson Lake Club have filed suit against the City of Brady in 198th District Court to stop development of the MUDualistic ATV Park adjacent to their homes.Their objections appear reasonable as outlined in the article entitled "City of Brady ATV Park Opposition - Three Reasons" published in November of last year.


These same citizens have repeatedly appeared before the City Council to ask for relief only to be answered with contempt, derision and harassment by the Mayor, Council Members, City Attorney and others. The local newspaper refused to publish their concerns while the project proceeded in a haphazard fashion without approved plans, permits, or developer financing.

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This is a copy of a speech given to a large crowd at a Brady City Council meeting.  We should make every effort to be sure we don't repeat this misgovernment. 


NOVEMBER 21, 2000

I am grateful to see all of you here tonight.  I realize I have both supporters and opponents present.  I appreciate both being here.

I ask of Mr. Friar the opportunity to address you, uninterrupted, to answer some of the numerous allegations which have been brought against me.

Will you grant me that courtesy?

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Kathi Masonheimer reported to the Brady City Council at their regular March 20 meeting about using Economic Development Corp (EDC) funds for the Civic Center and G. Rollie White Facility.


Sue Steelhammer was allowed two minutes to speak in the Citizen Comment period. Here are her comments and questions:


Brady’s Type A EDC may use sales tax monies to fund industrial and manufacturing projects that create or protect jobs such as the recent loan made to Ranne Trucking.


Other kinds of projects have to be approved by voters. In 2009, voters gave their approval to open-end EDC funding of improvements and repairs at the civic center and at the lake.

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