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The Brady City Council authorized spending $612,000 for a Preliminary Engineering Report1 to find what must be done to bring local drinking water into compliance with state and federal standards. This is the first step in a project that will ultimately cost the citizens of Brady something close to $20 million. It will be funded with loans and grants in the beginning, but will leave the city further in debt in the long run.

The current city council inherited this serious compliance problem that should have been taken care of many years ago. See the article entitled "Water - Top Priority for Brady" published in October 2012 for some documents and history. See the Water Utility Department's 2014 Consumer Confidence Report2 for the current status of water quality in Brady.


1. The entire agreement with Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd is presented on pages 8 through 39 of the June 17, 2014, City Council Package



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