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Much of what passes for discussion today is really verbal combat where the goal is to "beat" the opponent and "win". Discussion isn't about "beating" or "winning". It is about discovering the truth based on facts. It is about reaching common agreement.

What are the characteristics of these disruptive "warriors" who dominate today's national (and local) discussions? How do they set truth and facts aside to prevent common agreement? How do they drive wedges between reasonable people and prevent effective opposition? How do they eventually drive anyone who cares about principles into sullen silence and isolation?

It turns out that the tactics these disrupters use are fairly easy to recognize, once they are pointed out. Once recognized, they can be ignored. Their tactics don't work if nobody listens or responds.

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Guard DogRealistically, Sense & Nonsense cannot guarantee Security or Privacy. We can provide our members with a place to share ideas and opinion free from sales scams, personal abuse and interference from the general public. To promise more would be dishonest.

Security is always a compromise with convenience. On the internet, the most secure course is to never connect to it in any way. The most convenient course would be to use it without any precaution. Striking a balance that maximizes benefits while minimizing risks is difficult and changes as technology changes. We take every reasonable precaution so that hackers will not hijack or destroy your computer via Sense & Nonsense.

Privacy is different from Security. Those invading our privacy are not seeking to harm us directly, they are seeking information about us that may or may not be harmful to us. The difference is like the difference between gossip and robbery.

Suffice it to say that absolutely no electronic communication is private - not financial transactions, not phone calls, not email, not online discussion or anything else. Modern technology is such that every bit of information transmitted can be captured and retained indefinitely. That is just a fact. Be aware of it and act accordingly.

Many people cannot envision how a "Leaderless" organization can be large and successful without central control. The mind rebels at the thought of not having a leader because we have been conditioned to think of ourselves a "just a cog in the machine".

We never consider that the cogs ARE the machine. If the "cogs" take it on themselves to mesh differently, the old machine fails and a new one emerges. That kind of analogy will just draw derision from the "company man" and the"party hack" because, in their mind, the "cogs" just can't up and decide to mesh differently.

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Corrupt demagogues promote class warfare in America for their own benefit. Divisions between various classes of "We, the People" based on age, race, political ideology, religion, gender and economics have never been deeper or more hostile. The demagogues divide, then conquer and exploit. Only the elite 1% benefits. For everyone else, society crumbles into poverty and conflict.

The unifying ideal of all people being equal under the law fails when the rule of law fails. Then the demagogues rule arbitrarily for the sole benefit of their "tribe".

Distinguishing between friend and foe becomes vital as hostility intensifies. Until that distinction is consciously made, it is impossible to act in our own best self interest. We unwittingly strengthen our enemies by failing to clearly identify them as we weaken our friends by refusing to claim them as "Us".

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Brandon Smith at recently wrote an excellent article about the "... strange and terrible tragedy when a culture forgets its own history and identity...", likening it to "...a mental disorder of the highest caliber. It is an insanity that leads to terrifying catastrophe."

"We have forgotten the face of our fathers" is how Stephen King put it in his Dark Tower series as the Gunslinger surveyed the wreckage of a once great society.

Both suggest that to forget the past is to doom the future. Without a proud heritage to build upon, each generation must begin anew the long journey from animal savagery to civilization. Yet our public schools ignore and ridicule our American heritage. Children know Thomas Jefferson owned slaves but are completely ignorant of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. That is a deliberate tragedy, if not outright insanity.

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